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The "First Aid" training program includes a set of practical and theoretical modules with the aim of making the trainee capable of dealing with a multitude of non-life-threatening incidents.

Program participants are trained to recognize, assess, and treat common illnesses and injuries such as nosebleeds, fractures, dislocations, seizures, hypothermia, and more.

Target Audience:

To all those who wish to develop their knowledge in providing first aid. Suitable program for gymnasts, sports coaches, mountain guides, alternative tourism clubs, etc.


Duration: 8 hours


  • Assessment and scene safety

  • Differences in Illnesses and Injuries

  • Injury assessment

  • Disease assessment

  • Triangular bandage

  • Use of a roller bandage

  • Muscle injuries

  • Sprains

  • Fractures

  • Splint application

  • Dislocations

  • Head injuries

  • Eye injuries

  • Tooth injuries

  • Electric shock

  • Burns

  • Hypothermic episodes

  • Heat stroke

  • Diabetes

  • Seizures with convulsions

  • Allergic reactions

  • Poisonings

  • Asthma

  • Chest injuries

  • Epilepsy

  • Treatment of minor wounds

  • Contents of a first aid kit


Examination of trainees:

  • Multiple choice essay

  • workshop


Program benefits:

  • Educational kit

  • First aid manual

  • Protective Breathing Diaphragm

  • Revival Keychain

  • Pen

  • Notebook

  • Basic First Aid Steps Summary Tab

  • Badge sticker

  • Certification Parable

  • Education certificate


Participation conditions:

KAR.PAA certificate or Basic Life Support


Certificate Validity:  2 years

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