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The athleticism is the systematic physical cultivation and action in a specific way, special methodology and pedagogy aimed at the highest physical performance, as performance in_cc781905-5cde-3194-6bad35cf58d_athletic competitions , in sports and social becoming. At the same time, sport is a social institution that reflects the given society and its culture.


Sports and regular exercise are good for health but can sometimes lead to injuries.

Most people experience only minor injuries such as cuts, bruises or blisters.

Pain, swelling and limitation of limb movements are quite common.


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Sports and the lower limbs //

The athletic shoe //

​ ​​ Τι παπούτσι να πάρω ;

The continuous technological development offers more and more efficient shoes giving everyone the possibility to use shoes that until a few years ago could not even be imagined. The possibilities that the consumer has in our time are not necessarily expensive. It is good to emphasize that an expensive shoe does not mean that it is always the one that suits you.

The most important parameter for choosing a sports shoe is to first know your foot type. Today all companies produce sneakers for every type of foot (normal, pronation, pronation, flat feet, etc.) and secondly the reason why you want a new pair of sneakers.


The running shoe

A person's leg when running receives a pressure 2-3 times greater than its weight. If, for example, you weigh 75 kg, your leg receives a pressure of 150 - 225 kg. So if you want a shoe for your daily running, choose one with cushioning. Make sure it has a reinforced back and is quite stable when pressed.


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  • The anatomy of the athletic shoe

  • What shoe should I get?

  • What number is right for me?

  • Care

  • Children's shoes

  • Replacement

Extensions  //

We all know that regular aerobic exercise, muscle strengthening and careful nutrition are the key parameters of good physical condition. However, there is another necessary ingredient of success, which we often neglect: 
It's stretching or otherwise stretching.


But why is it so important?









And why is flexibility, the ability to move joints and muscles through their full range of motion, so important? Because if a muscle or tendon is weak, stiff or tight, then the body recruits other peripheral muscles to assist in the given movement.

These muscles are therefore very vulnerable to injury. In short, good flexibility means you avoid pain, discomfort and injury.  


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